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Chord Chart Sheet Music

The musician who can play from chord chart sheet music is to be admired. It not only requires a solid knowledge of individual chords and major and minor keys, it requires a lot of “feel” only accomplished by years of practice.

Chord chart sheet music doesn’t provide the musician with mapped out melody lines like you’d find in most music. It really doesn’t suggest individual notes at all. What it does provide is rhythm and harmonic information. Because of this it is most often used by session musicians, blues and jazz players. One only has to imagine someone like BB King looking at a song not of his composition for the first time. Imagine him letting his guitar sing with very little guidance from the music but mainly through the direction he wants to take the music in his head. The chord chart sheet music would give him key perimeters and tell him when to change keys and under what rhythm, but the song would be largely his to interpret.

Chord chart sheet music is not just for the guitarist, however. It is usually used for the rhythm instruments; piano, bass, guitar and drums mainly, but you’ll even find it for banjos and other instruments. The musical lines of cord chart sheet music will not have notes, just rhythm noted by slash-looking eighth notes, quarter notes, etc. The chord notation will then be above the staff. It is up to the musician to fill in the balance and make the song a song.

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