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Sheet Music Full Score

Imagine you are the conductor of a large orchestra. As you are choosing your pieces for the upcoming season you probably will look at dozens, maybe hundreds, of works. On this night you sit in your office and open one piece that has promise; the full score of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky. As you scan the pages you are reminded of the significance of this piece. It was first performed at the consecration of the Kremlin’s Cathedral of the Redeemer. The Cathedral was built to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon in 1812 and as you peruse the score you can almost hear the battle sounds by reading the musical notation. Cannons roar, bells toll and nationalistic themes come through the music. And as the conductor you just “heard” all of that by reading the full score of the overture.


It is the good fortune of the conductor to be able to “see” the music and envision how instruments will communicate with one another to make it come alive before the orchestra plays. It is his or her duty, then, to make sure this coordination is carried out and the full score helps in this endeavor.

For such a short and fast moving piece it seems that the score is awfully thick to the untrained observer. But the entire full score of any piece of music gives the conductor a vision of what will happen as the orchestra begins to play. The full score provides the actual music for the whole range of instruments all in one book, coordinated as the orchestra moves through the piece. The full score gives the conductor a glancing view of what can be good, bad and ugly during rehearsals.

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