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Sheet Music Lead Sheet

Cool! The lead guitarist for Giant Purple Feet just flaked out on an important rehearsal for the fifth time and the band had decided to replace him. You’re up for an audition and this could be your chance to make it big in a very popular band! Giant Purple Feet’s manager just said he’d send you over a lead sheet to practice with for your audition in – gulp – three hours. Hmm, what’s a “lead sheet”?

No worries! “Lead sheet” sheet music is basically a score with the essentials of the song. It will show you the melody line, harmony and lyrics using a single staff. The chords will be often above the line and the lyrics will be below it. Lead sheets aren’t really intended to give you note by note guidance, but give you the basics of a song so you can “take it from there”. They don’t tell you how a song should be performed. That’s up to you. They just give you the perimeters so that the song, possibly every time you play it, can be uniquely you.

While it’s not always the case, lead sheets are used a lot by studio musicians and bands so that the performer can improvise…something Giant Purple Feet seems to do with every performance. As you study a lead sheet you’ll be able to get a feel for the chord changes and the melody. After a couple of times through you can then rock on in your own individual style. Knowing this, now, you’ll be able to nail the audition. Welcome to Giant Purple Feet!


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