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Piano Score Sheet Music

The actors are practicing their parts, the stage hands are scurrying to get everything organized and already it seems the calendar is flying by too quickly. As the cast of any musical or ballet finds their places and does a run through a couple of times, the orchestra will be missing. Long into rehearsals the cast of a show will practice by itself while the orchestra perfects its rendition of the show’s numbers in a separate place. In the meantime it will usually be the piano that guides cast members through their numbers and it will be the piano score sheet music that allows the singers to hear what the orchestra, once it gets there, will sound like.

Piano score sheet music, while it doesn’t always get the recognition it should, is in reality a work of art in its own right. It must be written in such a way that the cast can determine and hear the intricacies of the music before the orchestra joins them. It sometimes will even call for two pianists to get in all of the harmonies and the emphasis of a myriad of instruments that only a full orchestra can ultimately deliver. But in the meantime the cast must practice and the dancers must dance to a version of the full orchestra that is as close as possible to the real thing so as not to have any surprises when the entire orchestra finally joins the cast. That is the work of the piano score sheet music.

Piano scores are usually not intended to be performed by themselves. They are the practice rendition of a full orchestra. More often, when not used for cast rehearsals, they are for personal enjoyment and study. Once in a while a piano score will be even used for the training of conductors. In the right hands it will be as close to the full orchestra as one can find.


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