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Short Score Sheet Music

Imagine you are a Harry Connick, Jr, John Tesh, or Kenny G-type and you are laboriously struggling to write a new piece for an upcoming concert tour. As you sit at the keyboard, empty score in front of you, you pick and pound out notes in all sorts of rhythms and combinations to try and find the right combination. At this point you are simply trying to get the melody and harmony to “kinda” sound right and possibly the vocal part thrown in.

Short score sheet music is often what a composer will produce as they are building the skeleton of a piece of music. The little piccolo part fluttering like a bird in a tree or the bassoon adding anger to a character in your modern day musical will not be added for some time. Concentration at this point is simply to get the musical concept down. Your short score will be expanded on later into a full score for the entire orchestra and then may even be reduced again into a vocal score.

While your short score will probably never be published it is the launching pad for something bigger and more complete…and who know, just possibly your next big hit!

This would not be the time to worry about what the st oboe note should be, or how to dramatically enhance the sound of thunder into your piece with a tympany solo. What you would be writing would be short score sheet music.


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