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Sheet Music Study Score

A study score condenses the full score into a few staves much like a miniature score but it will also include notes for learning purposes and comments regarding the piece itself. If a particular piece is part of an anthology of a composer’s work the student will get a true feel for not only the piece but the composer and what makes his or her works so different from everyone else, a true study guide! It helps the student or conductor study the piece and receive more of a feel for how the composer intended the piece to be played.

Imagine what having study scores for various pieces can do for the serious music student! It opens up a way for the appreciation of various composers, studying snippets of music at a glance and looking into the eyes of the composer to see how they made the parts fit with such harmonious sound. Unfortunately there are not a lot of study scores on the market. Daniel Wolf, a composer from Frankfort, Germany often laments the fact that many great composers’ works have never been translated into a study score. The ability to get one’s hands on an anthology in the form of a study score for great orchestrators such as Robert Erickson leaves students short changed, in his opinion. They are forced to study the same, few anthologies that are readily available and rarely are they exposed to a wide range of composers or music because study scores are in such short supply.

Study score sheet music is a very useful tool for many music students, conductors and for those who just enjoy studying the intricacies of a particular piece without lugging around a full score. While it is often indistinguishable in size from a miniature score, once opened it is so much more.


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