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Vocal Score Sheet Music

If you have done any singing at all with a group for church or in a concert setting chances are you have seen vocal score sheet music. All of those Christmas cantatas churches you might have been a part of and all of the music sung by community choirs was probably delivered to you in the form of vocal score sheet music. As a singer you then saw, on top of each line, your solo part or the four part harmony of a choir. You also saw the accompaniment for piano below. If you were lucky enough to sing with an orchestra you would not have seen the parts for all of the instruments; 1st violin, cello, etc. Only the conductor would see this.

Vocal scores, often referred to as piano-vocal scores, are used in a variety of applications. They show the vocal parts of a musical, solo piece or cantata usually on staves above the piano music. This is to allow the vocal performers to practice with a pianist to learn their parts. Depending on the application, vocal score sheet music will take the full orchestral music and condense it to a piano version to be played before a full orchestra is brought in for the performance.

A line from Puccini’s La Boheme shows the vocal stave above the piano accompaniment for practice purposes.

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